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Flash™ Adjustable Locking Ball Mount

Regular price $229.95

Fastway® Flash™ Adjustable Locking Ball Mounts give you lightning-quick adjustments, maximum theft protection and stunning good looks.The dual hitch balls make hooking up to different trailers a snap and the strength and durability of the ALBM offer years of dependable towing. 

The dual lock mechanisms eliminate the need for a separate hitch pin and are corrosion resistant. The locks are easy to operate, and built with a tethered cover, so you know your dual locking ball mount will withstand years of weather, use, and corrosion. 

Each ALBM is precision-machined in the Mountain West, making it stronger and longer lasting than any other aluminum ball mount. When you buy an ALBM, you are buying the best quality available, built by people who take pride in their work, right here in America. 

There is no other aluminum ball mount on the market that is stronger, better built, or harder to steal than the ALBM. With its hand polished shine and beautiful lines, it is absolutely gorgeous, and will look fantastic on your truck. 

Save time, effort, and gain peace of mind with the ALBM. Upgrade to a Flash ALBM today!