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Flash™ Locking Ball Mount (LBM)

Regular price $104.95

The Fastway® Flash™ LBM is not only gorgeous, but a big step up in both security and convenience compared to other locking ball mounts. With the lock built right into the hitch, you no longer need a separate hitch pin, and you’ll know your ball mount is secure. A simple 1/4 turn provides quick locking and unlocking, saving you time and effort, every time you tow.

The LBM's built-in locking system is a big step up in both security and convenience from a traditional locking hitch pin, because it cannot be snapped off, and because there is no separate hardware to mess with – it's all built right into the hitch.

Each ball mount is precision-machined in the Mountain West, making it stronger and longer-lasting than any other aluminum ball mount. When you buy a Fastway Flash locking ball mount, you are buying the best quality available, built by people who take pride in their work, right here in America.